The Ministry

The Ministry of Culture develops and implements the government's national and international cultural policy. In parallel with the implementation of the national policy for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, it develops artistic creation and supports the international development of artists and cultural actors. To this end, the Ministry maintains agreements with Luxembourg's cultural actors, while developing and implementing support instruments such as the subsidy scheme, or social benefits for self-employed professional artist and intermittent workers in the entertainment industry.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry is supported by a network of state cultural institutes and cultural organisations attached to the central state administration.

The Ministry of Culture promotes cultural education and mediation through an inclusive, participatory and open cultural policy with a strong emphasis on civic engagement and bottom-up approaches.

The Ministry monitors regional cultural development and represents the government in cultural matters in several international organizations, including the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The cultural policy and its implementation are based on the 64 recommendations of the Cultural Development Plan 2018-2028 (Kulturentwécklungsplang 2018-2028) on the one hand and the Coalition Agreement 2018-2023 on the other.

In the name of an open and participatory cultural policy, cultural conferences (“Assises culturelles”) with the sector are organized every two years. At the same time, sectoral conferences are regularly held.

The expenditure budget of the Ministry of Culture (including the allocations to the state cultural institutes and public establishments) amounts to EUR 160,235,222 for the year 2021.

The attributions of the Ministry of Culture are defined by the Grand-Ducal decree regarding the organisation of the Government (in French).

The headquarters of the Ministry of Culture are located in the historical building of the Hôtel des Terres Rouges.

Vacancies within the Ministry are published on the portal.

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